How Sitemaps Boost Profits

One of the pages every website needs is a properly created sitemap. The sitemap is a page that tells search engine crawlers how to index your pages. If search engines feel the pages listed in the sitemap have distinct and important content, they will often display those pages as part of your listing in their search results. To check if your site has one, go to:


A well-formed sitemap not only increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking in order to place you higher on search results, but also as important, it can increase the amount of space taken up by your listing. The real estate on the search results is valuable, as evidenced by the amount of money businesses are investing in establishing a better presence on it, due to it being a large factor in client exposure.

Take a look at the example below, which I found while searching for places that perform brake checks:

Sitemap Example

Now compare that to the business listing below:

Sitemap Example

The top listing is a lot easier to spot due to the space it takes up on the page. Even if it were placed below the bottom one, it would still grab the attention of a potential client and increase the amount of traffic flowing to its corresponding site, in turn increasing the business’ profit.